The South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA) are an annual Hip-hop award ceremony, run by the Ritual Media Group (RMG). Winners receive a statue that is called a Pyramid. The award ceremony is held on the 14th December 2016 at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, Johnnesburg. Contenders are judged on performances and achievements made in the previous year between 15th September the previous year and 15th September the following year. The show will be prerecorded for ETV broadcast purposes. The ceremony features live performances by some of the nominees.

After a three-month selection process a board of four industry gurus were chosen to fill advisory positions. The role of the advisory board serves to guide the awards in terms of fairness and for the awards to go strength to strength, as these candidates have no hidden agendas in the hip hop industry.


Voting is based 100% on judges’ scores for the following categories: Album of the Year; Best Dance Crew; Best DJ; Best Freshman; Best Graffiti; Best International Brand; Best Local  Brand; Hustler of the Year; Lyricist of the Year; Mixtape of the Year; Most Valuable; Best Remix; Producer of the Year; Promoter of the Year and all the King of “...”

Voting is based on the judges’ scores and public votes (60% judges and 40% public) for the Top 5 categories: Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Male, Best Video and Song of the Year.

Voting is based 100% on online votes for the following category: Best Hip Hop Radio Show.

Public Voting Methods

Public votes are only open to the Top 6 categories: Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Hip Hop Radio Show, Best Male, Best Video and Song of the Year.

There are two methods for the public to register their votes:

1. Text –  public can text their votes as many times as possible, please view table for codes:


SMS "sahha+bm+NOMINEE" to 32545
SMS "sahha+bf+NOMINEE" to 32545
SMS "sahha+bv+NOMINEE" to 32545
SMS "sahha+sy+NOMINEE" to 32545
SMS "sahha+bc+NOMINEE" to 32545
SMS "sahha+br+NOMINEE" to 32545

Judges’ Scores

Preliminary judges come from a pool of local music industry professionals, including musicians, songwriters, producers, recording engineers, music publishers, booking agents, program and music directors, talent coordinators and music marketing professionals. Final judging is done by music industry professionals who are not related or connected to the nominees or their record labels.

Judging criteria is listed for each category via http://www.sahiphopawards.com/p/history.html

Nominations are made in reference to an album release and track record of a group or individual
Album of the Year is awarded to the performer and the production team of an album released in the previous cycle, in this case 12 months.
Song of the Year is awarded to a performer with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.
Newcomer of the Year is awarded to an artist with reference to an album or mix-tape released in the previous cycle. These materials should be new in the sense of 1st time releasing
Female Artist of the Year is awarded to a female artist with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.’
Male Artist of the Year is awarded to a male artist with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.

Entries received after being invited go through a screening process, to ensure that each entry is eligible and not at risk of disqualification. This task is executed by the Steering Committee of the South African Hip Hop Awards, where no artistic or technical judgements are made about entries.

Matters of incorrectly placed categories are then corrected during this process through consultation with the relevant record company, individuals and crews who legible for an award. Entries, which do not comply with aforementioned rules and regulations, are disqualified.

The advisory board then adjudicates all the award categories with the exception of the Honorary award and Song of The Year award, using their expert knowledge and prior artist acknowledgements and achievements so that they can be judged on merit.

In the interest of uniformity, judges are required to vote and return results on prescribed forms, collated into auditable sets. An audit company then calculates the results on which the list of nominees is based and certifies that end results have been reached in accordance with aforementioned rules. A nominee announcement party is then hosted, to publicise the event.


Entries are open to any recording artist, director, producer,event organisers,dance crews  or engineers who meet the following requirements:
Must have South African citizenship or permanent residency in South Africa of six months or more.
50% ownership of the master recording of the entry, in the event that the rest is owned by a non- South African entity.
50% of the members belonging to Duos or groups must also comply with the aforementioned criteria.
Ritual Media Group reserves the right to request proof that all artists, producers or any individual meet the set requirements.
In certain categories, collaborations between qualifying artists and international artists are allowed, given that the South African qualifying artist’s participation is of equal billing.
All material submitted for the 5th Annual SA Hip Hop Awards, must have been commercially released or the individuals should be active for the past 12 months i.e. CD available on the South Africa market during the entry period or been doing events for the past 11 months.

All entrants and nominees waive the right to hold the sponsors and/or Ritual Media Group responsible for any claims, liabilities, judgements, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal expenses), with regards to their  participation in this competition.
Through the submission of a completed entry form for the of 5th Annual SA Hip Hop Awards, the entrant will be obliged to be in agreement with the aforementioned rules and conditions.
The eligibility and acceptance of any entry is a decision that will be made by Ritual Media Group and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.
Ritual Media Group will deem all physical materials submitted by entrants, as their property and will not take any responsibility for late, damaged, misdirected, stolen or misappropriated entries.
The entrant’s name, biography and photographs of nominees may be used without the entrant’s further consent, avoiding charges in exploiting advertising and publicising the competition in all media and formats.
The entrant is entitled to enter the competition and has full rights and authority to grant rights previously expressed, once it represents, warrants and undertakes to Ritual Media Group.
The entrant cannot divulge any information regarding the development or production of the SA Hip Hop Awards to the media and other persons without the written consent of Ritual Media Group.
Ritual Media Group will not be responsible for any entrant’s loss of publicity, advertisement, reputation, if the entrant makes a non-appearance in the competition and/or Ritual Media Group’s failure to produce advertise, promote or exploit the competition. Ritual Media group is not obliged to use any entrant’s services or to grant any entrant a role in the development or production of the competition.
A request for an entry withdrawal will be accepted it is made by the entrant within 7 days, after the closing date of the entry period.
Ritual Media Group reserves the sole right to withdraw a nomination or a SAHHA from any nominee or winner, should the nominee or winner bring it into disrepute.